Managing Agent

Ensuring that properties in South Africa are easily managed, maintained, and administered.

You want assurance that your estate is in capable hands as a scheme executive, body corporate, or homeowner’s association member.

We provide comprehensive management services for sectional titles, townhouse communities, and estates that include both financial and operational administration

What We Do

Alec Massel opens and oversees a separate Trust Account for each complex and estate. We also provide personalized financial reporting, online access to real-time levy and financial statements, and other services that provide total transparency.

Bank Accounts

Individual bank accounts are opened in the name of the scheme by Alec Massel, who also manages the account on your behalf, giving you total control of your finances.

Financial Reporting

We are aware that your estate’s finances are distinct from other estates. Based on your requirements, we offer customized financial reports that are simple to grasp.

Online System

It can be unsettling to entrust someone with your financial affairs. Having immediate access to financial and live levy statements will give you piece of mind.

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