Why choose Alec Massel Real Estate as your Managing Agent?

Marketing Unit

Through various advertising mediums, we achieved above average tenant enquiries. Tenants are offered a variety of dwellings, ensuring a minimum vacancy factor.
We make use of:

Placement of Tenants

When securing a tenant, we conduct the following to ensure that the tenant comply to the required standards.

Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is signed, stipulating terms and conditions in respect of rental payments, collection, rental increase, deposit's, obligations, and maintenance. Alec Massel Real Estate ensures that the occupants understand the terms and conditions pertaining to the Rental Agreement. A copy of the signed Rental Agreement and Body Corporate rules (if applicable) are given to the tenants for reference.

Holding Deposit

Deposits are invested in an interest-bearing trust account in accordance with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and Rental Housing Act, act 50 of 1999, as amended.

Maintenance and inspections

Maintenance inspectors conducts Property Manager's initial inspection of the unit/property. The process is repeated when the tenant vacates the dwelling. Damages are listed / noted. Pictures of the damages are captured and printed with the inspection report. The account for restoring the property to the standard defined at inception, fair wear and tear accepted, is offset against the holding deposit and all costs incurred in respect of electricity and water charges from the deposit. The balance then refunded to the tenant, interim inspections can be arranged.

Rental Payment

Tenants receive their monthly rental accounts in terms of the Rental agreement, rent is due monthly in advance on the first day of the month. Assigned Property Managers oversee the entire process ensuring Landlords receive income timeously. Owners are kept informed throughout the process.

Landlord monitoring

We also provide an online service to which Landlords can subscribe in order to online view the status of the account.