Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an admin fee charged?
The admin fee is for the administrative work involved in processing your application.According to law I have 7 days to pay my rent, is this true?
The Rental Agreement states that your rent is due and payable without any deductions on the 1st day of every consecutive month.

What is a calendar’s months’ notice?
According to the Rental Housing Act a calendar months’ notice that is given on the 1st day of the month and ending on the last day of the month. Tenants are required to give such notice to terminate the rental agreement.

Can my family move in with me?
This is not permitted, only the occupants permitted on the rental agreement may reside in the property?

How long after vacating the property is my deposit refunded?
This period in which the Landlord is obligated to refund the tenants deposit is determined by whether there is any damage to the property and if the tenant attended the inspection.
7 Working days should no damages be recorded
14 Working days if we need to obtain quotations to repair damages to the property.
21 Working days if the tenant didn’t attend the property inspection.

What municipal charges is a tenant liable to pay?
The terms and conditions in the rental agreement will indicate what you are liable for, mainly a tenant is liable for electricity, water, refuse and sewerage charges.

Can the owner sell the property if I have a fixed lease agreement?
If the property is sold, the Landlord needs to honour the Rental Agreement that is in place at the time of the sale.

Can I use my holding deposit as my last rental payment?
In terms of the lease this is not permitted. An outgoing inspection will be conducted and part of your deposit will be