Commercial and Industrial Property Services

Marketing Unit

We make use of several advertising mediums to get the best properties possible. Tenants are offered a variety of Commercial and Industrial units, ensuring satisfied tenants and landlords.

We market through:

Placement of Tenants

When securing a tenant, we conduct the following to ensure that the tenant comply to the required standards.

Commercial Lease Agreement

A legal binding CPA and Non-CPA Commercial Lease agreement is signed to protect both Landlord and Tenant by clearly defining the terms and conditions in respect of rental payments and collection of rental, annual rent increase, deposit held, and maintenance by tenant and landlord. Alec Massel Real Estate ensures that the tenant and landlord understand the terms and conditions pertaining to the Commercial Lease Agreement. A copy of the signed Commercial Lease Agreement is given to both parties for ease of reference.

Monthly Tenant Statements

Tenants receive a prepared, computer-generated statement each month through email and/or delivery. The Landlords receive a monthly report pack, which includes a rent roll and disbursement statement. Alec Massel Real Estate checks all the increases in recovered costs and the charging thereof, the under-recoveries of the calculated water and electricity charges, and rental increases in terms of the Commercial Lease Agreement.

Payment of Expenses

Rent is collected in the beginning of the month in terms of the lease agreement. The rental is paid electronically to the landlord. Whenever necessary, Alec Massel Real Estate will obtain authority for, and making payment of other related expenditure. If relevant, payment of wages for the commercial building's staff can be arranged.

Official Returns

Attendance to the completion and submission of the following official returns:


A routine maintenance will be arranged in accordance with directives from the landlord. Alec Massel Real Estate will obtain quotations for exceptional maintenance, which must be approved by the landlord, however, tenants will be charged for maintenance work done if completely necessary. We ensure a satisfactory completion of maintenance work done before payment of tenant.

Commercial and Industrial Portfolio